Dear friend,

If you want to make your own solar panels, save thousands off the cost of building one and drastically reduce your electricity bill, then this will not only without doubt, be the most exciting letter you’ll read, but the most profitable!

Here’s why:

My name is Jason, and over the past few years, I’ve helped people from different parts of the world, cut down on the cost of electricity bills, and save more money

It all started when I came across a friend Eric, and noticed he was making his solar panels

That didn’t caught my attention because he wasn’t the only person I knew who makes solar panels

But I was intrigued when I knew it cost him only $200 to build one



It’s easy...

And it’s one of the smartest things to do these days considering the fuel rise these days.

And that’s why I’ve teamed up with Paul to make a simple to read guide that will take you step by step on how to create your personal solar panel that will generate electricity 24/7


Well, as you already know, it cost over $10,000 to build a powerful solar panel system.

But you won’t be paying anywhere near that amount Not even close…

You will save thousands on installation and parts and you will see savings on every single monthly energy bill!

But don’t take my word for it


"A+ Instructions for Building Solar Panels"

I am very impressed with this product. I've been trying to make a solar panel for a while and have never been able to do it until I found your guide. These are A+ Instructions for building solar panels that I would recommend to anyone.

- Taylor G., Idaho, USA


"Even An Old Man Like Me Could Follow Along"

"I have never built anything in my life - I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish a solar panel without professional help - I purchased your guide and followed the instructions in the video library, the information was precise - even an old man like me could follow along. The solar panels look great. Next week I plan on starting the power generating wind-mills."

- David from Vancouver, Canada


"I am saving money every month!"

"I finally built my own solar panels thanks to your guide. I've been saving between $24 to $28 every single month and I know for some it may not seem like a lot of money but it feels really good to be spending less on my energy bill.

I think if people knew how easy it was to build solar panels then all the big energy companies would be out of business. A few of my friends noticed me building my own solar panels and are also starting to do the same, which is great! Thank you."

- Jason Dawson, Georgia, USA


"This guide was perfect for me"

"This guide was perfect for me. I had no experience and was worried that I may not be able to do something like this but to my surprise I had no problems and I have a lot of fun in the process as well!"

- Johanna H., California, USA


Trust me, each step is simple and easy to follow. You will never feel stuck!

The solar panels you will learn how to make will be capable of producing 120W each.

And if you’re skeptical whether this will work for you or not, relax, here’s 3 reasons why you should get this solar panel guide today:

PS. Don’t be surprised if you visit this page tomorrow and the price has jumped higher. I cannot guarantee how long I can keep this price low.

So act fast!

P.S.S Remember, you’re backed with my 30 days, money back guarantee. So, you have nothing to worry about.

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See you on the other side!

Jason Liburd